5 Best Places To Visit In Asia

Top Destinations In Asia

From metro cities to remote islands, Asia’s top travel destination offers a powerful dose of adventure and cultural touch. Here you are going to touch the most wonderful places to make your vacation extremely memorable.


A very well known and one of the most known travel destinations amongst travelers, it makes a wonderful combination of nature, beaches, and good food. Located miles away from the civilized world in the Indian ocean. It has around 1,200 islands with more of paradise surrounding. If you are someone who gets excited with tropical landscapes, white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and natural beauty, then you can not bear this exotic travel destination.

Things To Do


Maldives Beaches

Scuba Diving



Indonesian destination has always profound the traveler, and have people coming again and again to the same destinations. Travelers have always referred to indonasian destinations as the heaven on earth. Bali is one such gem in the bucket full of diamonds. Here, lusting rain forest, mountain range, beautiful valleys, braces, and much more come together to make an unforgettable experience. Bali is full of culture and will let you experience a few temples and cultural touch.

Things To Do

Tirta Empul Temple

Uluwatu Temple




How many people are aware that this place was the capital of Japan at imperial time. A mind-blowing ancient site with shrines and temples smell the history and makes you calm and charismatic. It doesn’t mean that you will be missing something modern in Kyoto, in fact, this is a place where you will find headquarters of big Multinationals, which makes it a vibrant city to visit by travelers.

Things To Do

Ryoanji Temple

Sanjusangendo Hall



Hong Kong

It is an easy introduction to China. The city offers you an amazing combination of both the cultures, Eastern and Western. You will find amazing the amazing place which is eastern at heart, but deep down also connected very strongly to western cultures. Tall skyscrapers and lush landscapes will allow anyone to remember their visit to Hong Kong. Anyone would love to have a peaceful couple of hours on the sandy beach with fresh air floating around.  Also, don’t forget the food

 Things To Do

Street Markets

Victoria Peak



Railay Beach

Also known as Rai Leh, is a very less popular place between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang Thailand. The island is surrounded by the sand and limestone cliffs, which attract many tourists from the Globe. This is the perfect destination for a rock climber, as climbers across the globe get attracted to this beautiful island. Also, this island is loved for its beautiful beach and relaxing environment.

Things To Do

Relax On The Beach

Go Rock Climbing

Viewpoint and Lagoon

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