Amazing Virtual Reality Theme Park in the Dubai Mall

During one of my regular trips to the country of the United Arab Emirates, I came across this amazing Virtual Reality theme park present in the Dubai Mall. The addition of this indoor Virtual Reality amusement park is the newest public attraction for the tourist coming to visit this country. I used Online Discount Coupons UAE for reducing the prices of the various rides present in this theme park. There are 18 total virtual reality rides, which are available in this theme park.

The visit to this park was really an amazing experience that I had on this traveling trip. I would recommend this place to those people who come to visit this country along with their family. Kids in your family would especially like this theme park, as there are interesting rides that would be enjoyed by them. Here are some of the rides present in this theme park that I really liked.

Feel the Drop from Burj Khalifa

Well! Believe me or not the first ride that I tried after entering the theme park was the Burj Drop. And it was a very scary ride. In this game, you would be playing the role of the window cleaner at the world tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Suddenly, your holding cable would start snapping one by one.

The combination of immersive tactics and VR sets makes this experience more realistic and terrifying. I used my discount codes from for buying tickets at a reduced price for this ride. I would this recommend ride to be your last of your visit to this theme park.

Smash Like an Ape

This time before entering the game known as APER-X, I carefully studied the description. According to the setting of this game, the player would become a huge cybernetic Ape with various weapons and arms. In the game, you would have to escape your creator who wants to who captures you. In the game, I got to hang from the edge of the skyscraper and smash all incoming drones who want to hurt me.

I also got fight against evil battle-bots fire missiles at them. It was surely a thrilling experience. Using Online Discount Coupons UAE even got the chance to reduce the price of the VR ride. This game would be liked by both men and children, so I would recommend this game to both solo traveler and family tourists.

Fight with Supernatural Creeps

The Raft is the game that I was not able to play as the game would require four players to play. But from the description and the screams of excitement, I came to understand that this would require perfect teamwork to stay alive in this game. In this game, you and your band of friends would have to fight against the swamp and supernatural Creeps to stay alive.

You and your friends would have to select weapons strategically unless you don’t want to get out alive. I noticed several young kid and teenagers’ promo codes from for buying tickets at a reduced price for this game ride. If you are visiting this mall along with your friend then make sure you play this game at the theme park.

Go and Rob A Bank

The next game that I really enjoyed playing a first-person shooter game that was based on video-game known as PayDay: The Heist.  In this game, I was one of the team members of the heist who were planning to rob a bank on Washington DC. You would like to experience the process through the eyes of a bank robber. You would get to shoot cops, openly walk into the bank, and rob it completely empty.

The 360 degrees vision and full immersion tactics would make the experience of this game even more realistic. For buying the tickets for cheap prices, I used my Online Discount Coupons UAE codes that allowed me to save lots of money. Due to the presence of excessive violence, I would recommend this only to adults who are fully capable of differencing between a fake world and a real world.

Well, I would like to say that my experience might be different from your experiences. But I am sure that the visit to this theme park would not be boring. So, if you are inside the Dubai Mall then don’t forget to take a peek at this amazing theme park.

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