Best New Mobile Games On Android, in 2020

Mobile Games

Mobile games were and are the real savior when one is getting bored. Especially during the phase of lockdown, when people are at their home and are trying many new things, to avoid boredom. Game is one such thing, which has been included in the list, and people are trying and liking new and different games available at google play store. With such a long list of games for android phones, it’s really hard to decide what you should be trying and what not. Don’t worry, we have brought you a list of some real handpicked games which are currently available, and can be downloaded free of cost. Very few games may charge a few bucks, but those will be a real worth.

Monster Legends

A monster breeding game where you collect monsters and battle with your opponents. You breed, feed, and train them to build your fighting force. Face the ultimate challenge, a battle against another monster master. Collecting monsters, making action plans makes it a real battle game.

Clash Royale

It is a real-time game, which comprises a head to head battle. Create your favorite clash characters and do much, much more. Collect and upgrade a bunch of cards, featuring spells and defenses you love. You can also share cards and can build your own battle community. It is an online game, so an internet connection is also required.

Pubg Mobile

Also known as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, is a game which is exclusively designed for mobile gaming. It is free to download a multiplayer game, which can be played anytime, anywhere with friends, family, and also with random players around the world. It is a classic battle and survival game, which allows you to experience high graphics and intense play. Jump with 100-players from a plane, land, pick your gums, and start fighting. Survive, fight and the last one standing will win the game. 

Ball Blast

A very simple, yet very addictive game. This game is not very much popular but it’s worth playing it once and then you will definitely love it. Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon and try to survive the longest. A solo player game, which tests your patients and focus. 

Call Of Duty Mobile

It is a very well known multi-device game, which has come now to the Mobile devices. Now feel the firing with the touch screen. If you love shooting and fighting games, then this has to be on your mobile phone. It’s free,  features a multiplayer mode, and you will find similar characters and maps like other Call Of Duty games. 

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