Genuine Review of top 5 Dubai Online Shopping Websites in 2019

Dubai is known as a shopper’s paradise and it is not too far from the truth. Dubai loves international brands and you will find plenty of the leading brands operating their stores in Dubai. But not everyone has the time and energy to visit a large number of malls in Dubai. So, you can shop online from the cushions of your home. Most of these brands have an operational e-commerce platform.

Go to to get the best brands at genuinely low prices. In this blog, I will take you through the 5 Dubai shopping sites. Most of them I have personally used and some I have not. These shopping sites will help you in buying the best local and international stars in Dubai without moving a bone of your body.

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites

There are some e-commerce websites in Dubai which you can use to buy the best products at the best competitive price.

  1. Namshi – This website has taken the e-commerce experience to a whole new height. The Namshi store has everything under one roof. It’s designed for new shoppers and the prices are affordable. All the top brands are available from this website. You will get free shipping and returns on the purchase with online shopping deals UAE. They offer a totally unique shopping experience. I have been shopping with this brand for 2 years now and got the best deals with them. The products are delivered as per the descriptions and exchange is fast and easy.


  1. Victims of the Desert – These websites started out in 2018 as a Dubai based brand selling luxury items and leather goods. They are a homegrown brand of Dubai and the products are made for both men and women. They offer same day delivery and pickup within city limits. Their products range from phone cases, passport holders, card holders, purses, cross body bags and totes to a name a few. I have used their cross body and purse and their leather is 100% genuine and smooth. They use saffiano leather in their products which can be customized with gold embossing. They offer free online shopping deals in UAE.


  1. Ounass – Ounass is a premier online luxury shopping site covering the Middle Eastern countries. It offers curated designer collections from the top of the game brands. I have shopped for men’s polo shirts from one of the top luxury brands on their site and the products are awesome. What set these shopping sites apart from others are their exclusive partnerships with high-end clients. Find their exclusive range on com. They offer blazing fast shipping for only two hours in Dubai!


  1. Sivvi – Sivvi is an internet shopping site which is full of cool deals. You will find branded and non-branded collections from their site. com offers discounts for Sivvi from their e-commerce portals. This website makes heads turn with their high street brands and luxury items. Their fashion destination is innovative and eye-popping. I have purchased a denim coat for my wife and they delivered it to me fast to my hotel in Dubai. I will definitely give four stars to Sivvi for their delivery and products.


  1. comYou will find exclusive and exotic deals on all women clothing and innerwear on their site. They started off in Sharjah in 2015 and have grown to one of the most niche brands in UAE. They offer huge discounts through various online shopping deals in UAE. Having personally shopped form their website I must say their products are true to their commitments and what’s more they have cash on delivery options for most of their products.  They have a solid after-sales support team who will cater to all your demands and give you an instant replacement.


Online shopping has been made easy in Dubai with the advent of numerous websites that offer high-quality products with easy returns. These websites have their own apps which help you in shopping 24X7 and also on the go. Just register with your phone and email and start shopping. Although the e-commerce business is still at a nascent stage in Dubai, you will get a lot of variety with sleek styles. So, you can safely continue to navigate this website and get the deal of your life.

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