The Made-In-Dubai Brands Which Will Make You Glow Instantly

“Beauty is skin deep” -although being taught these values, we always put more preference on our outer appearance. Not only our hair but even our skin is important in order to create a good impression on others. You need to find the right product for your skin type. No matter where you go, your outer appearance will be evaluated by everyone. If you have healthy skin, your skin will look nice and give you a glowing appearance. If you stay in Dubai, you will be exposed to the harsh sun. But don’t worry! You can easily get beautiful and glowing skin, without spending a lot of money on expensive foreign beauty products! There are several Dubai based brands where 6th street UAE promo code is applicable. You can purchase all your beauty products from these brands!

1. Shiffa: The brand ‘Shiffa,’ which means ‘healing,’ is one of the most popular brands that is known for its beauty products. If you want to stay away from harmful chemicals, then you should get Shiffa natural beauty products. The ingredients used to make such products are mainly natural and do not cause any side-effects. Items such as Iranian rose, Lebanese orange, Indian Amber and shea butter are used to make Shiffa beauty products. These products have natural healing properties which will make you glow like a newlywed.

2. Hammaii: If you love the Middle East Hammam culture, then you will definitely like this Beauty Brand. Hammaii is a brand that is made for women and her beauty needs. No matter what your skin type might be, you will get to choose from a plethora of products. Not only women but now Hammaii has launched a new line of products for men as well. These beauty products are specially designed for the rough and tough skin of men.

3. Camel Queen: This beauty brand is unique as it can only be found in a place like Dubai. Unlike any other soap, this brand believes in the natural restorative properties of camel milk and thus, uses it to make one of the best soaps in the business. Inspired by the Middle Eastern Traditions, these soaps are one of a kind when it comes to nourishment along with a distinctive aroma. The natural camel castile soap is one of the signature products of the brand. Along with camel milk, this product includes natural ingredients such as olive oil. It helps to hydrate your skin and help you to rejuvenate. It is suitable for both young as well as older generation. 6th street UAE promo code helps you to buy this product at an affordable rate.

4. Reine Michi Beauty: This brand believes that beauty and simplicity are synonymous and thus, it uses simple and natural ingredients to make the products. Not only people from UAE but Reine Michi Beauty has clients all over the world. One of the best products launched by this brand is the Moisturising Sugar Scrub. Sugar has natural healing properties which can make your skin look more young and fresh. This scrub is not only sweet, but it also helps you to get rid of all the dead cells. Thus, you get a dewy appearance after using this signature product.

5. Herbal Essentials: One of the stalwarts in business, Herbal Essentials was started almost a decade ago in Dubai. This brand uses ancient skin care techniques, which are natural as well an affordable, to cater to the needs of the new age client. Several beauty award shows have nominated this brand due to the quality of these products. Herbal Essential is completely natural and uses a holistic approach to deal with your skin problems. This brand respects its home culture, and that helps the clients to connect to these products.


What are you waiting for? Now that you know about these Dubai based brands, you have to try them out. Not only are they affordable but they also cater to all your needs. Local brands are always a lucrative option as it contains fewer chemicals than the Global ones. Moreover, it also brings in a homely touch to your daily skincare routine.

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