Things To Do In Saudi Arabia: 2020

Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest Arab countries situated in western Asia. It is the 2nd largest tourism destination in the Middle East area. Previously people used to visit Saudi Arabia only for religious purposes, in Mecca  & Medina, but now things have and are changing, as there they have seen a huge growth in numbers of travelers from other countries who are traveling for leisure and to explore. The country is well aware that its tourism sector is white oil for them, and they need to market it in the best way.

Places in Saudi Arabia

Things To Do

  1. Prophet’s Mosque

The Prophet’s Mosque holds a deep value for every Muslim all over the world. It is believed that Prophet builds this Mosque by himself in AD 622, and encircle his final resting place.

  1. Masmak Fortress

Surrounded by the sand, this fort was built around 1865 and looks beautiful. The roofs are covered with Arabian painting, which shows the exuberant old world charm in it.

  1. Al Shafee Mosque

This beautiful art of culture is present in Jeddah and is been restored and maintained very carefully. Most of the buildings are been carved during the 16th century and are ottoman in style. Non-Muslims can walk to this beautiful place freely, just by respecting the culture and dressing modestly.

  1. National Museum

It is one of the finest museums in the Middle East, made with modernizing architecture. One who is visiting this wonderful piece of art should spare a full day to know the prehistory, history, art, and culture of one of the most popular museums in Saudi Arabia. You will find everything, from rock art to replicas of most popular buildings.

  1. Madain Saleh

Madain Saleh is one of the world heritage sites, declared by UNESCO, and also is been considered one of the most fascinating sites for the ancient past. The heritage site is open only three months in a year, during the Tantura festival.

  1. Matbouli House Museum

This is a beautiful three-story privately owned museum, with a beautiful wooden balcony. To keep the authentic touch in the area, the rooms are been refurbished in a very gentle manner. If you love visiting and seeing classic places, then it could be one of the favorite destinations in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Al Lith

It is a small town located around 300KM south of Jeddah. Traveler must have not heard about this place but, this is the best spot for diving in Saudi Arabia, with clear water and amazing marine life.

  1. Qassim

The northern town Buraidh in the Qassim region offers rich culture and beautiful history. The place has amazing farmland, historical sites, unique mosques, traditional markets, and much more to explore.

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