Top 5 websites of 2019 to buy beauty products in Dubai

Dubai has emerged as one of the top business hubs in the world and hundreds and thousands of people are coming on to do business here for the simple reason that the country offers plenty of opportunities to these budding entrepreneurs. However, another aspect of Dubai is that people in this region are very conscious about how they look and they invest plenty of money in beauty products that can rejuvenate their body parts and can help them get an attractive personality. Thus, with this helpful written information, we came up with a list of important brands and their websites that are gaining huge traction among the public. But before purchasing any of the products we will recommend people to go for Nisnass coupon code that can help them save a few of their money:

Shirley Conlon Organics (

When it comes to beauty products in Dubai the first name that pops-up inside our mind is Shirley Colon Organics a brand that offers toxin-free, safe, and natural beauty products to consumers. Most of the products offered by this brand are free from synthetic substances that can be harmful to your body in long run. The beauty products of Shirley Conlon Organics are not merely beauty products but are a kind of complete and holistic therapy a natural way of living life.


Some of the beauty products of this brand are:

  • Frangipani body lotion
  • Frangipani body oil
  • Shea body butter
  • Body Balm

All the beauty products sold by this brand are full of organic plant oils and herbal extracts, which nourish the skin whilst still allowing it to breathe. The product gives adequate hydration to skin and body parts to protect against hot climates.


Herbal Essentials :(

This is another website where people can buy beauty products that are real, true, and authentic. The company started its operation in the year of 2008 and since then it has become the Numero UNO destinations for people particularly health conscious people. The company was the brain-child of a Pakistani national who had a deep-rooted interest in the traditional way of healing. Most of the products sold by this company are inspired by ancient beauty knowledge that existed in the region of the Middle East and Asia.


Huda Beauty (

When it comes to buying beauty products in Dubai Huda beauty is another major website that tops the mind of the people. With its amazing and authentic beauty line products, this website has got wide recognition among people in the region. With more than 140 product lines the company has managed to build a niche in the hearts of those people who want glowing and shinning skin. The product range of this brand includes face palettes, lipstick collections, false nails, etc. This brand is the brain child of Huda Kattan , a professional the beautician who launched this website in the year of 2013 and since then it has emerged as one of the top-notch beauty product brands. They have wide range of more than 400+ brands for Men’s, Women’s and Kids. Here, you can get latest Nisnass coupon code UAE and discount offers. Enjoy your shopping with Nisnass promo codes.


Lime Crime (

Willing to buy beauty products in Dubai then this is another name that you can rely upon. If you are among those who want vegan & cruelty free make-up then there could be nothing more worthy than this website. The company was started by ‘Doe Deere’ who is herself a fashion blogger and had a desire to provide beauty products to people that can help them look differently.


Mr. FOX: (

If you are looking for safe, natural, and organic beauty products in Dubai then Mr. Fox is the website that you can rely upon. The company inculcates the ethos of traditional medical science that can reconnect people with the healing power of the Mother Nature. All the products launched by this company contain botanical ingredients and extracts that are wild harvested and sourced from the original place. Since, today’s market is flooded with beauty and cosmetics products it is important for buyers to choose products that are real, genuine, and true. No matter whether you are a permanent resident, a tourist, or a foreign national wish to settle in Dubai you can have those beauty products that soothe your skin a lot. As we mentioned earlier there are plenty of beauty brands that are doing very well and can satisfy people of almost every taste and tenure.

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