Top 7 Fashion and Beauty Instagram Influencers from Dubai

Fashion and beauty are two very important aspects of the lifestyle of people. Majority of people get influenced by the professionals who are present in various social media platforms. Instagram has lately gained decent popularity among the people because one can upload pictures, stories as well as descriptions about anything or everything. As a fashion blogger, I have followed seven top-ranking fashion and beauty experts from Dubai as I found their works to be unique and extraordinary.

You can get to know about the latest fashion trends from the Dubai based Instagram influencers mentioned below. While using the Amazon coupon code, you can buy the fashion and beauty accessories used by the following professional influencers who are ruling the Instagram.

  1. Shoestova
Natalia – Image from her – @

Shoestova is a famous fashion consultant from Dubai. Apart from being a lawyer, she is a well-known stylist.  Her real name is Natalia Shustova and she is from Belarus. Natalia is a brand ambassador of different esteemed local and international brands. Her vibrant selection of fashion outfits, accessories and jewelry make her well admirable among the women based in Dubai as well as the world. She also writes regular blogs by her name about the recent trends of fashion, travel and beauty tips. The Instagram profile of Shoestova has 138k followers.


  1. Aiisha Ramadan

Aiisha Ramadan is originally from Lebanese and based in UAE presently. In 2006, she launched a clothing brand named AIISHA. I would suggest you buy the fashion outfits designed by her with the help of Amazon Promo Code UAE.

Aiisha Ramadan is a decently influential in the Middle East as she is has got many awards in the field of fashion and beauty. The Women Achiever Award (2011) and Young Designer Award are some that she had already grabbed. The number of followers in Ramadan’s profile is 69.1k.


  1. Teresa Karpinska

Teresa Karpinska fashion website Style Drifter has already turned into a brand. She is originally from Sweden and I have found her Instagram profile to be very influencing. The above-mentioned website contains blogs written by Karpinska herself sharing beauty tricks. It also contains some portfolios from which you will be able to see the fashion outfits and take outstanding references. There are near 36.8k followers of Teresa Karpinska in Instagram as I have checked recently.

  1. Latifa Al Shamsi

Latifa Al Shamsi is one of the leading Fashion and beauty influencer living in Dubai. She has a fashion brand after her name. You can easily buy the beauty and fashion accessories with the help of Amazon Coupons from her website. The Instagram profile of Latifa Al Shamsi has got 341k followers.

  1. Huda Beauty
Huda Kattan Founder of @hudabeauty

Huda Beauty is the Instagram profile name of Huda Kattan. She is a leading beauty and fashion influencer from Dubai. She is a well-known makeup artist who has proper training in Hollywood. In 2010 she started blogging. She has lately turned into an online fashion consultant. The total number of followers in her Instagram profile is 37.7m.

  1. Ahmed Alsayid

Ahmed Alsayid is one of the leading male fashion bloggers from Dubai. He is a well-efficient fashion influencer on Instagram with 142k followers. The name of his channel is twistedcurlz. You can always get some cool references for fashion outfits from him. Thus, you will be able to buy the accessories online using the Amazon promo codes UAE.

  1. Lalla Loub

Lalla Loub is a Dubai based beauty and fashion influencer who is well active in Instagram with 20.8k. The name of her profile is Dubai Fashionista. Apart from some outstanding fashion outfits, you can get the reference of different accessories like jewelry, handbags, sandals, etc. You can go through the fashion and beauty stuff of Lalla Loub if you have a fascination on specific color outfits.

Now she has her own outlet from where you can buy the fashion accessories directly. Always check if you can use the Amazon promo codes UAE while buying. This can lead you to get some outstanding discounts.

So, these are some of the fashion and beauty influencers who are based in Dubai. As per their outstanding fashion consultation, they are gradually becoming top ranking business entrepreneurs. You can always follow them on Instagram to follow the trend when it comes to beauty and fashion.

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