Top Food Applications In The Middle East, Which Will Help You To Make This Quarantine a better one

Food is the most essential part of anybody’s life and excites everyone. Previously people used to go out to eat or even take a home delivery by themselves, but not now, as within the last few years, there has been a trend started of food delivered directly to the doorsteps. 

In the last couple of years, there are a bunch of online food ordering applications, which have been introduced in the Middle East area and can bring your favorite food, from any restaurant, directly to your doorsteps. Here are some of the best food ordering apps you can look at.  

  1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

You must be aware of the brand Uber, so is there food delivering company UberEats. It offers you a fully online food ordering order experience on your fingertips. Just find from a wide variety of restaurants and eateries. If that doesn’t make a clear picture for you, what to eat, then you can just go through the tempting food pictures, in the gallery.  Pick your preferred delivery location, and you are good to go to place the orders. Check the rating of the restaurant, and of the cuisine, you are ordering. Read the review and order accordingly, such an amazing experience. Delivery time depends upon the restaurant’s location and demand. The time may vary from 15-20 minutes, 35-40 minutes, etc.

2. Talabat


Now no need to step out and find a perfect restaurant to order your favorite food. Talabat is one of the finest food ordering applications, which is designed only for the gulf region and is one of the largest food ordering apps in the Middle East. Entering the application or website, you will find a very simple user interface, which can be used by anyone. You can easily pick from Ramadan deals, offers, Most selling, or you can easily search your favorite food or restaurant.

3. Zomato


Zomato is one of the most popular food ordering apps in the United Arab Emirates. Known for rating food and restaurants in the country. Now you won’t hesitate, before trying a new food or restaurant, as you can always check the rating on Zomato before ordering. For every first time user, the application provides a special discount of up to 50%. Apart from this, you can be a part of an exclusive membership club called Zomato gold. If you are a member of Zomato gold, then you will be getting a much better offer on more restaurants, and 1 on 1 free, complimentary drinks, complimentary dishes, etc.

4. Eat Clean

eat clean uae

Real heaven for those, who are health-conscious, following a diet restriction, or gym people. Also, this site offers you daily, weekly, and monthly meal plans. You can choose from a wide range of meals, like vegan diets, calorie count meals, fitness meals, and more. Moreover, get everything delivered to your doorstep. 


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