Top unexplored spots in Dubai that you were unaware of

With its tall architectural structures and malls, Dubai is now of the most popular holiday destinations around the world. However, after getting there all we do is hop in some shopping malls, visit Burj Khalifa- the World’s tallest building and enjoy some of the greatest lifestyles in there. So if you are in Dubai for a holiday, give yourself some time from the regular destinations and visit some of the top unexplored and offbeat destinations in here. There are a lot of flights which can take you to Dubai from any part of the world, however, choose wisely as you can get discounts while booking a flight from Emirates via Emirates Airline promo codes. Below are some of the top offbeat things to do in Dubai in your next vacation.

  • Take a Milk bath: YES. You read it absolutely right. Take a break from your regular bathing style and indulge in a goat milk bath in Dubai. Located in The Palm Jumeirah, the Talise Ottoman Spa provides you with a luxury Jacuzzi filled with goat’s milk to take a bath. This not only rejuvenates your soul but also gives you skins a smoother tone. The concept came from Cleopatra’s bathing style back from a thousand years or more.
  • Play Camel Polo: The relation between camels and Dubai is immense. Be it a camel race, a camel safari in the deserts or be it a game of camel polo. You will find camels everywhere in Dubai. Thus if you are into adventurous gaming, give a try to a game of camel polo in Dubai and it is pretty sure you are going to love it more than regular mall hopping in this Gulf country.
  • Get Chilled in Dubai: Whenever someone plans to visit Dubai, they try to check on the current temperature prevailing over there before searching for Emirates Airline Coupon codes. The reason behind the same being the annual average temperature in Dubai is around 41 degrees Celsius, which is pretty hot. Thus take a break from the heat and chill in the coldest place in Dubai, the Chillout Lounge. The place is packed with ice and the atmospheric temperate prevails between -6 to 1 degree Celsius. You do not need to worry about the warm clothes as the place provides you with enough and woolens and hot soups to enjoy the ambiance here.

  • Visit Global Village: If you are in Dubai at any time between November and April, a Global village is a place you want to be in. The concept of Global Village is more like a huge fair, where cultures and traditions from 30 different countries come under one place. You can have foods, drinks, talk to native people from around the world. One more thing that makes this place a worth visit is the local shopping in here. Look for some UAE Shopping Promo Codes and enjoy local shopping with discounts.
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  • Desert Safari: Though this is now becoming popular day by day, and is not that offbeat things to do in Dubai, however, you must give it a try. Spend some time in a luxurious air-conditioned SUV car riding over the Arabian Desert. Feel the magic there as you ride your own sand roller coaster ride. One thing which is pretty sure that this drive is always a lifetime experience for everyone.
  • Try Ice creams at Scoopy Café: This place is one of the poshest places in Dubai and the wealth of Dubai citizens is evident here. The café serves the world’s costliest desert which is around 800 USD for an ice cream sundae. The sundae consists of the rare ingredients around the world with real Gold Flakes in the top. Though this is not a cup of tea for everyone visiting Dubai, however, you can well check on their other desserts which are also worth the value.

So next time when you are going to Dubai for a vacation, make some time from the common places in Dubai and make a checklist for some of these destinations and enjoy Dubai in a different style.

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