Which Places of Abu Dhabi can amaze you? A Brief Knowledge

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is also the cultural capital of the Emirates. Although it is known as a conservation city yet it offers unmatched luxury and all modern amenities. If you want to experience culture and luxury then a trip to this desert capital is a must for you.

Abu Dhabi is not short of luxury and opulence and is a hot spot for splurging your money.  There are many bargain shops in this capital if you are a budget traveler. Search Groupon coupon codes to get amazing deals while traveling around Abu Dhabi. Here are some amazing things you can do in this city and some cool things you don’t want to miss.

Amazing places to visit in Abu Dhabi

You should spend at least three or four night s in Abu Dhabi to experience its true wonders.

  1. Sheikh Zahid Grand Mosque

This is an absolutely beautiful mosque in Abu Dhabi and the landmark building of the city. It is also the most popular attraction. I had taken a guided four-hour tour around the mosque. It is the biggest mosque in the UAE and took 20 years to complete. Non-Muslims are allowed everywhere around this mosque. Using Groupon promo codes UAE will allow you to arrange easy pickup and drop.

  1. Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum

This is the most spectacular museum in the entire Middle East. It will take you through the entire range of human history from Neolithic right up to the present times. The architectural splendor of the museum with its vast silver dome is a reason to visit itself. I was awestruck by the wealth and variety of arts and sculptures on display. The permanent collection in this museum runs over 12 galleries.

  1. View of the city in the Observational Deck

The observational deck is situated on the 74th Floor of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers hotel. This is an answer to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. There is an entry fee for nonguests but Groupon UAE promo codes allow you to redeem your ticket prices at the restaurant. The restaurant offers great food and dining options. I had a snack and high tea in the afternoon there with the city view in front of me and believe me it was mesmerizing.

  1. Walk around the Qasr Al-Hosn Fort

This fort is one of the most important historical forts in Abu Dhabi and has been recently restored. It was built in 1793 by the ruling royal family. The interiors are now used as museums with audio and visual shows. The courtyard is vast with amazing tile works.

  1. Yas Waterworld Park

If the heat becomes unbearable for your head to bring down the temperature. This fun water park has all the best rides in the world. My kids had a rocking time with Jebel Drop, which free fall water slide. There are also rafters and inner tube river rides. Apart from that visit the cafes and restaurants for a bite. There are some Groupon promo codes available online for a discount on rides.

  1. Test your driving skills in Ferrari World

This is one of the branded theme parks in Abu Dhabi and a must visit destination. This park brings to you the magic of Formula One Racing for thrill seekers and families. Ride the various cars and models to test your driving skills and be amazed at yourself. Book the rides online also at their website and use Groupon promo codes UAE to get additional offers.

  1. Visit the luxury Yas Island

This is Abu Dhabi’s branded destination “ The Yas Island ”which hosts the formula one sport. You can cool off in the sandy beaches and take a tour of the Formula One circuit with discounted Groupon coupon codes. Then head to the Yas Mall and the shop the largest collection of luxury brands.

Abu Dhabi has a unique culture of its own and is a friendly and warm city. The locals are helpful and accommodating. You will find luxury, opulence and also cross culture in Abu Dhabi. Although in the Middle East, this is one of the more tolerant places in the Emirates due to its large expat population. So, come and explore the beauty of Abu Dhabi and soak in the warmth it has to offer.

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