Who Are The Famous And Gossip Girls Of UAE?

UAE is one of the famous and fastest-growing countries in the world. With the development of the world, women are getting aware of their rights and started to come out of their shell. Looking back at the last few years the influence of the Muslim women are rapidly growing. They would travel across the world and raise their voice against any social injustice that they might notice. They have learned to become independent and free.

Some of these women would use social media to share their view while others would use a big television screen to present their view. These women might be the inspiration to other women to come out of their shell and face the world bravely. They would dress up as they want and they speak whenever they want. Here are some of the famous women in the country of United Arab Emirates who are an inspiration to other women.

  1. Maha Abdul Rasheed


By profession, she is an entrepreneur and likes to collect vintage items. She is the owner of Bambah Boutique and mainly deals with the fashion industry. Presently she is thirty-one year old and pretty famous among the young women in the country. She is one of the famous women of the in the city of Dubai. Her passion lies with vintage fashion design as she firm believer that vintage fashion is the only way to bring back the ethnic value of Muslim women.

She always tries to mix-up modern clothing styles with original Muslim clothing style give birth to the unique style of clothing. This unique style of clothing has become not only in domestic areas but also in international scenarios. Her clothing item would generally be sold at international malls. General women would use Noon coupon code for reducing the price and bring the original pricing of their clothing under their budget.

  1. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi is the first female minister in the country of the UAE. In a Muslim country like the United Arab Emirates, a female ministry is a very big matter. She belongs to the related royal family of Sharjah and is related to His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. Previously, she handled the office of several ministries for the royal families.

Presently she is ranked as 36th in the Forbes List of World’s Most Powerful Women. She was also the first to receive the Clinton Global Citizen Award.  Right now, she is holding the Ministerial office of International Cooperation and Development. She is one of the most iconic women who are the source of inspiration to every woman.

  1. Zoya Sakr

Zoya Sakr is another influential woman in the country of United Arab Emirates. She is one of the most talked-about famous personality who is present in the country. At the age of eighteen, she was selected by the Elite Model Management and become the first international model to represent this Arab country at international fashion competitions. She was also selected as the Miss Beauty International during one such competition.

She is also a famous and fashionable actress as well as Beauty Queen who has made her appearance on several television shows. She is obsessed with fashionable dresses and has a huge collection of dress might make anyone women jealous.  She loves classy fashion dress as well as chic and ethnic dresses.

  1. Reem Al Hashimi

She is another prominent women from the country of United Arab Emirates. Presently, Reem Al Hashimi is holding the Ministerial Office of State Affairs along additional responsibility as Managing Director for the event of Dubai World Expo 2020 Bid Committee. She is the chairwoman of one of the biggest charitable organization of the country known as Dubai Cares. Her gentle nature caring attitude towards the welfare of

the state especially women has made her popular among women. Her work is the source of inspiration to several women and daily life is the topic of gossip among them.

These are some of the women that I follow as the source of inspiration to many girls and women as well as the topic of gossip among several women. Many women would follow them regularly and heed to their advice. So, follow these famous women as their life could become inspirational to you and your friends.

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